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Unfortunately Named TRAMP-It Trampoline Shoes

Unfortunately Named TRAMP-It Trampoline Shoes

TRAMP-It Trampoline Shoes (Image courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I get that the name is based on the word trampoline, and they certainly look like fun, but I just can’t help but feel that these TRAMP-It shoes could use another pass through the ‘what do you we call them?’ machine. Maybe even take a page from Nike’s naming conventions, although I’m sure they’ve never even come close to producing a pair of shoes with as much lift as these provide. A less than subtle flexible strip that juts out under the shoes from the heel is the secret to their jumping prowess. And it’s fully adjustable depending on whether you’re just walking around in them, or running and leaping through town.

And while they might seem like something designed exclusively for kids, the TRAMP-Its can apparently support someone up to 100kg in weight, which is around 220 pounds. So as long as you can find a pair in your size (it seems they go up to a size US 9) they’re totally adult friendly. As to whether an enhanced jumping ability is worth $164 (for the smallest size, the largest run $197) is up to you and your budding superhero career.

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