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Deal Of The Day: Dell Inspiron 14r Starting At $399

Deal Of The Day: Dell Inspiron 14r Starting At $399

By David Ponce

The Dell Inspiron brand is quite probably the workhorse of the house that Michael built. They’re not known for their supermodel aesthetics nor their staggering performance; rather they are known for their value and dependability. When the Inspiron 14r featured here first hit the market, a reasonably spec’d version would ding your bank account to the tune of $800. For that price you’d get a Core i3-380M processor, a Blu-Ray player, 500GB HDD and 4GB of RAM on a 14-inch laptop. Not too bad, but seeing as time does wonders to technology prices, the same laptop can now be had for $599 after LogicBuy’s $200 off coupon. A lower spec version without the Bluray and without as much RAM and HDD can actually be had for as little as $399. Considering the 14r sports a dedicated graphics card from ATI (the Radeon 5670 if you must know), your gaming/video playbak performance will be decent. For $400, it’s a bargain.

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