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Twig Pod Ultra Lightweight Monopod

Twig Pod (Images courtesy the Photojojo Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re in the market for a lightweight monopod the magical substance known as carbon fiber will definitely save your back. The only problem? It’s very expensive. And if you’re only out snapping with a P&S most of the time, spending $300+ on a collapsible stick is a bit overkill. So that’s why we like the Twig Pod available from the Photojojo Store. It’s essentially a 25-inch long pointed metal stick that weighs less than half a pound. It collapses down into an easy to transport 8-inch package, and the sections are held together with a bungee cord running down the middle, not unlike a tent pole.

Twig Pod (Images courtesy the Photojojo Store)

A pointed foot allows it to be jammed into the ground or other soft materials for taking stable self-shots, and a ball joint head makes it easy to reposition the camera once the Twig Pod is stable. It also allows you to use it as a long arm for taking shots over crowds, or wide angle photos of yourself. Best of all it’s just $28 and comes complete with a stylish linen carrying pouch.

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