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Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener (Image courtesy NeatoShop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Novelty items and sharp kitchen knives probably shouldn’t go hand in hand, but we can’t help but be enamored by this clever sharpener that’s designed to look like you’re about to saw a woman in half. The magic trick might be old hat and pretty uninspired when compared to today’s magicians and their ‘mind-freaking’ illusions, but anyone with even a passing knowledge of Harry Houdini and magicians of yesteryear should appreciate its novelty. And if you’re wondering how the knife goes from dull to sharp after being dragged through the device, I’m afraid the explanation is just good old fashioned magic. (And possibly a ceramic sharpening stone.) $11.95 available from the NeatoShop.

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