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SportsArt S770 Pinnacle Trainer Powers Itself, And Your Home

SportsArt S770 Pinnacle Trainer Powers Itself, And Your Home

SportsArt S770 Pinnacle Trainer (Image courtesy SportsArt S770 Pinnacle Trainer)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are obvious benefits to using an exercise machine on a regular basis. All that health and fitness stuff. But a company called SportsArt has created a machine that can actually save you money too. Well, in the long run at least. Their S770 Pinnacle Trainer comes with a pretty steep $8,499 price tag, but besides getting you in shape it’s also able to harness the energy you’re putting into exercise and convert it into usable electricity.

The machine has a built-in heart rate monitor and on-board computer for tracking your progress, which are all powered by the trainer itself. There’s never any need to plug it into a wall. Unless your home is setup to allow devices to feed electricity back into the grid, since the S770 features an external power inverter that generates electricity from your workout. Apparently up to 2,000 watts during a rigorous session, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your power bills if you stay dedicated to using the machine throughout the year.

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2 responses to “SportsArt S770 Pinnacle Trainer Powers Itself, And Your Home”

  1. thesis says:

    oh my…. it is like evrything in one…. cool) but is looks a little bit weird))))

  2. This is complete bullshit. 

    Perhaps the device can generate a maximum of 2000W instantaneous power, but I highly doubt this. Typical professional bike ergometers can provide you with a very very hard 800W workout. (Note: this is NOT the energy you could extract from it using a generator!) 

    Most people can not do more than between 100 and 200W for 10 minutes; up to perhaps one hour if you are trained. If you are dedicated you could perhaps achieve 300W for 60 minutes every day. That would correspond to 0.3kWh per day; or in a year about 110 kWh, which would cost you about $30.So the claims posted here, even imagining wild scenarios of multiple people using the thing 24/7, are just ridiculous and criminally false.You will never earn the investment of this machine back. You will not even save energy with it. Just having it transported to your home will make that impossible!