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DryShot Fire Extinguishing Gun – Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya, Fire?

DryShot Fire Extinguishing Gun (Images courtesy The Red Ferret Journal)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not as exciting as the prospect of using an incredibly powerful hose to douse the flames of a fire, but this DryShot fire extinguishing gun still has a certain bit of Dirty Harry appeal to it. Instead of awkwardly hauling around a big can of fire retardent, you can keep this DryShot gun clipped to your belt if you happen to live or work in fire prone areas, and then quickly whip it out to blast a shot of dry fire extinguishing powder on a flare up. For $43.65 you get the gun itself plus 3 additional cartridges, and more importantly the opportunity to recite famous movie quotes before saving the day. “Hasta la vista, incredibly burnt brownies because Andrew didn’t read the directions properly.”

[ DryShot Fire Extinguishing Gun ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

  • Ian Brooks

    the best part about this is the website’s alternate use: “it can be used as a self defense gun”, perfect for when the Human Flame starts trying to bearhug you