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Win A Smartfish Whirl Mini!

Win A Smartfish Whirl Mini!

By Chris Scott Barr

Who’s ready to win something? Well, that’s probably a pretty silly question, and there are few people in the world who don’t feel like getting something for free. Well it’s time that we did another giveaway, and this time we’re not just giving away one thing, but we’re giving away three Smartfish Whirl Mini mice! If you don’t remember, these are the cool mice that actually tilt while you’re using them. I’ve spent a good bit of time with mine, and love it.

So what do you need to do? Just drop a comment down below, and we’ll select three winners next Friday. Unfortunately the contest is limited to those in the US only.

  • Tony Cabrera


  • Tim Hage

    Second? Guess it’s time to fall on my own sword.

  • Dick Reynolds

    I love those meeces to pieces!

  • jeremy cobert

    i love this site !

  • Anonymous

    Nothing clever to say: just want a win.

  • Anonymous

    Could use a nice replacement.

  • Anonymous

    dropping a comment – hope i win one!

  • Billy Kent

    You like it? Sweet, I’m a trackball person myself, so this will be a nice way to get away from the ball and move back over to the mouse…without moving all over the place.  Wow, this was starting out to be a bum day, thanks..I hope I win..good luck to everyone!!

  • CortJstr

    I’ll give it a shot. Contest status: entered.

  • Samantha Shimizu

    sweet !

  • Paul Jensen

    What is the purpose of the mouse tilting?  I must have missed the article that introduced these new “Meece”…

  • Sadsarge P

    I love new and innovative gadgets.  If I am chosen as a winner I will spread the word to my many geek buddies!

  • Anonymous

    My non-tilting mouse seems so lacking now.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing that Rapture didn’t happen, this tilting mouse may come in useful.

  • Anonymous

    Hope i win!

  • Anonymous

    Great item, I’ll give winning a try.

  • Anonymous

    Great item, first time here, winning would be exciting.

  • Rush Carlton

    Would winning this do anything for my carpal tunnel? Let’s pretend it will so I’m really excited at the prospect of winning it!

  • Alex Pelletier

    seems worth the 6 seconds it takes to make a comment

  • lizmoney

    sounds super cool. I would love to give one a whirl.

  • Dessie Lunsford

    Looks neat

  • William Sherman

    free stuff is always good.

  • Anonymous

     Wow, this is the coolest mouse I have ever seen!

  • Anonymous

    These things are pretty cool, I’d love to try one out.

  • andrewd

    Hey, I like free stuff! In fact, you could say I even love free stuff.

  • jazboy

    I would love to win this as my current wireless speakers is around 5 years old and seriously want to replace that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a laptop yet, but I plan on going to college this Fall, and I will totally use this.

  • Raj Parekh

    Wow would love to have that!!!

  • buy steroids uk

    must be feel odd when the mouse starts leaning over.

  • Rusty

    sounds cool so it has more than a x and y axis?

  • Bryan Worth

    Just a totally cool mouse and who wouldn’t love to have one for free!!!

  • Jonathan Frisco

    I could use a new mouse, and this sounds like an interesting one!

  • Jim Esposito

    Nice looking mouse, wouldn’t mind using it for my home PC or work laptop 🙂

  • coolare

    OOOO. Pick me! Pick me!!

  • david eith

    This mouse would work great for work.

  • Bob Walters

    This is a great fit for my jhome office for sure

  • Anonymous

    Super cute!  Would look amazing on my desk

  • Cat

    I could really use a new mouse about now…

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a really awesome mouse.

  • Tim Dressler

    Yo yo yo this mouse be looking pretty cool. If i got this i wouldnt look like a tool. 

  • Anonymous

    awesome!! i hope i win!

  • Anonymous

    Too awesome! I may just have to pick one up…

  • Bob Huey

    Don’t think I’ll drop my G9x for this; maybe give it to the wife. What the heck, I’ll take one, bitte.


  • Anonymous


  • chadmd23

    Cool mouse!

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice. Could use a little tilt in my life.

  • Ivan Gustavo Flores Molina

    please god choose me!

  • Francisco Bolaños

    I’ve been dying to try this thing out ever since i read about it on the website!

  • Laura Watiker

    I would like ze mouse!

  • Oren

    A Smartfish doesn’t get caught. I’m hoping to change that.

  • Anonymous

    yes please!

  • Dawn Ninja-d Masuoka

    Very, extremely pretty please! ^_^

  • Tom Brimmer

    Does Mighty Mouse mind if we play with Mini Mouse?

  • James

    Very cool mouse.

  • Gregor1975

    Me! Me!

  • goodgirldown

    This is so cool! I just recently found your site so I haven’t heard of anything like this product before; but I can tell you that after spending 18 out of 24 hours in front of the computer – that  mouse is looking better and better! =) Thanks for the chance; I’ll keep my fingers crossed, Good luck everyone!!

  • Austinkir

    sweet. Looks nice.

  • Anonymous

    Granddaughter loves her new golddfish: figure, I;d love the Smartfish.

  • Chelsea Ray

    Oh, it looks so shiny.

  • Darrick M

    Looks incredible, and perfect for my laptop 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Looks interesting, would love to give it a whirl.

  • Anonymous

    Having one of these would help protect my computer, my wife has a poor sense of balance.

  • Anonymous

    Having one of these would help protect my computer: my wife is afraid of things that tip and slide.

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY need something like this, my mousing wrist has been getting worse.

  • Larry O

    This mouse seems very neat,
    And free can’t be beat,
    But the best part is,
    It doesn’t take a whiz,
    Too realize this mouse is quite a feat!

  • Brad Brasfield

    My Logitech mouse has seen better days, so this would be great 🙂

  • Randall Furino

    would love it… thx OhGizmo!