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Portable Fan Powered By Your iPhone’s Dock Connector

Portable Fan Powered By Your iPhone’s Dock Connector

iPhone Dock Fan (Images courtesy JTT)
By Andrew Liszewski

Talk about serendipity! Just the other day I was complaining to a friend about how long my iPhone’s battery lasts. And today I discover this amazing Dock Fan accessory which not only keeps you cool while having a conversation, but it’s also sure to be a huge drain on the iPhone’s battery. Perfect! The soft flexible blades ensure the fan’s not going to cut your chin open should you brush up against them while making a call, but if it does end up being a problem it also has a pivoting design that angles it 90 degrees away. Or, you know, you could just remove it. It’s available from JTT for ~$15 (¥1,260) and includes an adorable carrying case shaped like a smaller iPhone. (And let’s hope this is a feature we see built in to the iPhone 5.)

[ iPhone Dock Fan ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]


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  1. very good technique, thanks for sharing.