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EcoLife Box Is Like A Nightlight For Tissues

EcoLife Box Is Like A Nightlight For Tissues

EcoLife Box (Images courtesy Kaikosha)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s allergy season and instead of consuming antihistamines like they were breakfast cereal, I’ve succumbed to a brief life with a box of Kleenex always by my side. And for those times when it’s the middle of the night and I can’t breathe, I’m glad there are university students who have devoted themselves to making glowing tissue boxes that can be easily spotted when it’s pitch black.

The EcoLife Box is made of transparent acrylic and sits atop an electroluminescent sheet. Thanks to that total internal reflection phenomenon the edges of the box appear to glow, producing a subtle effect that would probably double as a fantastic nightlight. And I say probably because the world may never know if it actually works well as one since I can’t picture anyone in their right mind spending $120+ (¥9,900) on it.

[ EcoLife Box ] VIA [ Walkerplus ]


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  1. Very nice photos, thanks for posting.