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Used Fire Hose Wallets

Used Fire Hose Wallets

Fire Hose Wallet (Image courtesy Uncommon Goods)
By Andrew Liszewski

Your childhood dreams of becoming a fireman may have mysteriously shifted towards accountant or lawyer along the way, but I’m sure deep down you still wonder what it would be like to battle blazes every day. And while it certainly can’t compare to the thrills of a firepole, we really like these upcycled wallets made from ‘retired’ fire hoses. Created by Lori Burley, the wife of a fireman, each wallet is one of a kind and bears unique scars and distress marks from actually being used to fight fires. Available exclusively from UncommonGoods for $36.

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One response to “Used Fire Hose Wallets”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this going to make all of my pockets smell like smoke?