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Nooka Wants To Turn Their Watch Designs Into Wall Clocks But Needs Your Help

Nooka Wall Clocks (Images courtesy Nooka)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nooka has already carved a name for themselves with their line of uniquely designed watches featuring atypical LCD display layouts. And the company is now looking to expand that line by carrying over their watch designs into a series of wall clocks that will easily make your bank or school (who else still uses wall clocks?) the coolest in town.

The only catch is that developing the molds and various components for what will probably be a very limited run is pretty expensive. So the company has turned to CKIE in an attempt to raise funding for the endeavor. The clocks will sell for between $500 and $550 depending on the style, and contributions towards the project range from just $25 which gets your name included as part of the development team, up to $10,000 which gets you a special edition version of the clock and of course a whole bunch of other Nooka stuff. Their total goal is $40,000 worth of funding, though with just 27 days left they’re only at about 5% of the way there. So if you’d like to see it happen, head on over and make a commitment.

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