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Bye-5 Switch Encourages You To Turn Off The Lights With A High Five

Bye-5 Switch (Images courtesy Da Deng)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just because you’re not paying the electric bill every month, doesn’t mean you should leave every light on at the office when you leave. So to encourage people to be more proactive about turning off the lights when they leave a room, designer Da Deng created this playful Bye-5 switch which can be operated with a simple high five, a skill most employable persons already have.

The switch is of course shaped like a 3D hand, complete with a skin-like texture which encourages people to give it a solid high five slap. And besides turning off the lights in the room, your positive reinforcement also activates a soft, glowing nightlight inside the hand so that people can still find their way around a now darkened room. It’s just a concept sadly, so the Clapper will continue to enjoy its monopoly in the ‘novel way to switch off the lights’ market.

[ Bye-5 Light Switch ] VIA [ Tuvie ]