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Twin One Cutlery: Knife + Fork = Chopsticks

Twin One Cutlery: Knife + Fork = Chopsticks

Twin One Cutlery (Images courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oddly enough it’s not the first pair of chopsticks we’ve written about that feature a knife and fork combo on the end of each stick. But what sets the Twin One cutlery apart is that both utensils can be combined to form a set of hinged chopsticks that are easier to use by those who aren’t particularly well versed in eating with two sharpened sticks. Created by DesignWright the Twin One sets are available in green, red or brown finishes and while they appear to be available from Lékué I can’t seem to find specific pricing info on their site.

[ Twin One Cutlery ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]


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