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Sharp’s New Aquos f SH-13C Embraces The Qi Wireless Charging Standard

Sharp’s New Aquos f SH-13C Embraces The Qi Wireless Charging Standard

Sharp Aquos f SH-13C (Image courtesy Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

Big corporations, particularly those in competition with each other, don’t always like to play nice together. But in some instances a little co-operation can not only benefit each other, but consumers as well. Such is the case with the Qi wireless power standard which ensures that wireless charging hardware from one manufacturer works with different hardware from another. It also allows companies to finally build electronics with wireless charging functionality already built in, since it’s guaranteed to work with a variety of accessories as long as they’re Qi friendly.

According to Akihabara News, Sharp’s new Aquos f SH-13C is one of the first smartphones to include a Qi compatible built-in battery allowing you to simply plop it down on any Qi-friendly charging pad (it also comes with one) to recharge it. Other less exciting features include a 3.7-inch 890×540 QHD display, an 8.1MP camera and the TapFlow UI running on Android 2.3. As for availability? Given it’s being shown off at press events I think you can safely assume sometime this year.

[ Akihabara News – Sharp Aquos Phone f SH-13C comes with QI Wireless charging technology ]


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