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Fake Stick On USB Cable Will Have Your Co-Workers Going Crazy Trying To Find Banana Drivers That Work

USB-It Stick-On USB Cable (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know it’s mostly meant for novelty purposes, but I like the potential this fake USB cable has for prankery. The end opposite the USB connector terminates in a plastic nub which can be convincingly attached to anything that the included double-sided tiny adhesive discs stick to. So besides attaching it to hilarious items like a banana, milk carton or even a toddler, you can also attach it to more plausible items like electric staplers, desk phones or other electronics that seem like they should be detected when connected to a PC. But when they’re not, there’s the potential for driving your IT person crazy when they can’t get it to show up and can’t find the proper drivers either.

Assuming they don’t read OhGizmo! or frequent ThinkGeek where it’s available for $4.99 which actually gets you 2 x USB-It cables. And as far as I can tell, it’s not an April Fool’s Day product.

[ USB-It Stick-On USB Cable ] VIA [ CubicleBot ]

  • Steven Jobs

    This product must have been released on April fools day. It is often a stress relief in the office to play prank to officemates, which is followed crisp laughs. This is a good idea. 

  • Maurice Bakker

    Why don´t put an actual USB drive in the usb-connector so it looks like you’re connecting a banana (or something else) to you’re computer?