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Talking Recordable Envelopes – “Wait, Don’t Rip It!”

Talking Recordable Envelopes – “Wait, Don’t Rip It!”

Talking Recordable Envelopes (Images courtesy Sound Expression Greetings)
By Andrew Liszewski

Available in two sizes these Talking Recordable Envelopes let you record a message or song, up to 10 seconds in length, that’s played whenever the flap is opened, about 300 times before the battery’s kaput. They can be re-recorded as well, perfect if you’re the re-gifting type, but I have my doubts the opportunity to do so will ever be there. I feel that when you give someone a card on a special occasion, they’re more inclined to tear into the envelope than the card itself. So putting the electronic talking bits in the envelope, instead of the card, just doesn’t seem like the best idea to me. It’s kind of like giving someone a wrapped gift, only for them to discover that the shredded wrapping paper all over the floor was actually the gift.

They are made from a thick paper stock with an aqueous coating to discourage them from immediately being ripped to shreds, and feature clear warnings for the post office to only hand stamp them- Which I’m sure will be completely and utterly ignored. The 5×7-inch version is $4.75 a piece, while the 6×8-inch is just a bit more at $4.95. However, you have to buy at least 10 at a time, putting the cost closer to $50.

[ Talking Recordable Envelopes ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


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