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Terason t3200 Turns Your MacBook Pro Into An Ultrasound Machine

Terason t3200 Ultrasound System Breast Series (Image courtesy Terason) By Andrew Liszewski

Ok, so it’s not exactly a kit you can buy, but a company called Terason, who specializes in these kinds of portable ultrasound machines, has just released their new t3200 Ultrasound System designed specifically for breast surgeons.

Built around a MacBook Pro the ultrasound machine is not only highly portable, it also allows the imagery being collected to be easily integrated into a doctor’s workflow since the t3200 is a full-fledged computer. So emailing scans, sharing files on a network or checking a patient’s chart data can all be accomplished from the same machine. As for pricing? Start with the MSRP of an MBP and then add on a few thousand dollars and you’re probably getting close.

[ Terason t3200 ] VIA [ Medgadget ]

  • t money

    Haha.. i read this post title as ULTRA sound machine.. looked like a pull out recording interface.. what a let down