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Alessi’s Grooved Chopping Board Could Oust The Wheel As Greatest Invention Of All Time

Alessi Chop Cutting Board (Images courtesy Alessi)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now seriously, why has it taken mankind so long to make such a simple improvement to the wooden cutting board? Chop was created by French designer Patrick Jouin for Alessi’s Fall & Winter 2010 collection, and simply adds a concave groove around the rim that allows you to slide a plate below the cutting surface and easily scrape chopped food onto it. Unfortunately it’s $100, but fortunately it looks like it’s less complicated to make than a grade school wood shop project. Now where’s my router?

[ Alessi Chop Cutting Board ] VIA [ Core77 ]

  • Stephen Donn

    You could just lift the chopping board above the plate… Just saying


    — yes, simple but smart idea

  • David

    As Stephen mentioned, just lift your chopping block over the plate…

  • Jeff Bridges

    WOW! SIMPLY INNOVATED. or should I say REINVENTED? great stuff, but the price is not that great due to its simpleness. However, in credit to the mind behind this, 100 is a low one.

  • Eric de Jesus

    This is so simple that it makes my head ache. Why haven’t I thought of this?! OH well. Hey, lifting the chopping board is still a good thing to do. You get to exercise your muscles a bit. But still it’s a way too obvious innovation that got me thinking why did it take that long for someone to think of this idea?

  • Anonymous

    Great idea! I want one, but made of plastic.