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Cuddletunes Bear Makes The iPod Look So Heartless

Cuddletunes Bear Makes The iPod Look So Heartless

Cuddletunes Bear (Image courtesy Cuddletunes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Glass and aluminum might make for sexy electronics, but they don’t make for baby-friendly toys. So if for some reason you think your toddler deserves an iPod, but you’d prefer a softer alternative, you’re not going to find anything more plush than this Cuddletunes bear. It’s a 9 1/2-inch tall stuffed animal with a built-in MP3 player that can be controlled via buttons stitched into the bottom of its feet. The playback controls are basic enough for even a toddler to master, or from my own experience, even your retired father.

Somewhere hidden away on the Cuddletunes bear is a USB cable used for loading it up with content, but besides random MP3s, the accompanying website lets you record stories that can be played back when you’re not around, or even create custom lullabies featuring your kid’s name. You can try it out here if you’re curious, surprisingly the songs don’t sound laughably terrible. Cuddletunes is available now for just $59.95, while the online services appear to be included for free.

[ Cuddletunes ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


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  1. The teddy bear is looking good.