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Where Was This Flora Digital Flower Vase When I Needed It Yesterday?

Flora Digital Flower Vase (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll tell you where it was: Trapped inside the head of Japanese designer Yoshiki Matsuyama since the Flora is nothing more than a design concept entered in designboom and Fujitsu’s ‘a life with future computing’ contest. The idea behind the Flora is simple, and lifesaving for those who live far away from their mothers. It involves 2 vases that not only each feature an internet connection, but also a built-in 3D scanner and projector. So when a real flower is placed inside one of the vases, a digital version appears in the other, accompanied with messages of goodwill or desperate requests of forgiveness for forgetting an important holiday.

Flora Digital Flower Vase (Images courtesy designboom)

The condition of the flowers are also linked, so unfortunately if the person on the sending end doesn’t take care of it, the digital version will wilt and eventually die as well. It’s kind of like some natural version of DRM from Teleflora that ensures the digital copy won’t last forever so that fresh flowers always have to be purchased every few weeks.

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