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SQ30m Pocket Digital Camera Is Less Crappy Than Most

SQ30m Pocket Digital Camera (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I know we’ve all got digital cameras on our cellphones, tablets and even laptops, but there’s still a certain appeal to having a tiny no-frills version tucked away in a pocket somewhere. And the SQ30m scores high points with both of those criteria. In fact it’s so compact and lacking in frills to the point of foregoing a color LCD or even an optical viewfinder for framing. It’s quite literally a point and shoot affair, probably leading to some pleasant surprises when the photos are developed/copied to your PC via its built-in mini USB port on the bottom.

SQ30m Pocket Digital Camera (Images courtesy

The camera has a resolution of just 1200×1280 which is small by today’s standards, but since they’ll be all crapped up when uploaded to Facebook anyways, who really cares? You also have your choice of 4 different color modes, a slider that can switch between a macro and landscape mode (I’m assuming it physically swaps lenses) and even the option to shoot low frame-rate videos mimicking an 8mm film camera. But whether or not the novelty justifies its ~$75 (¥5,985) price tag is up to you.

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    —- the price is good, the resolution not so much