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Flexible Elos Chain-Shaped Coffee Table

Flexible Elos Chain-Shaped Coffee Table

Elos Table (Image courtesy Designspotter)
By Andrew Liszewski

To me a coffee table is far more than just a decorative piece of furniture. It’s also a footrest, a work space, a dinner table, an occasional home for my transient family of remotes and every once in a while when people visit, even a place to put a cup of coffee. And that’s probably why this Elos table from Brazil-based ‘Nódesign’ caught my attention.

Made from wood it’s built to be as flexible as the chain on a bike, allowing it to be rolled up forming a larger table, or stretched out so it can be used by many people at the same time. Given the single leg below each pivot point I doubt it can be stretched out all the way without it falling over, but a simple zig-zag layout should keep it pretty steady. I suspect it might be available for sale, but from where or for how much I’ve no idea.

[ Designspotter – Elos Table ] VIA [ I New Idea ]


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