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Mike Bouchet’s Shopping Cart Lounger Is Exactly How I Want To Shop For Groceries

Mike Bouchet Shopping Cart Lounger (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Blasting down the aisles and careening around corners with my cart, like I’m trying to beat a lap time at the Nürburgring, is the only way I can usually tolerate grocery shopping. But I’ve just discovered there’s a far better way. All I need is this shopping cart that artist Mike Boucher has converted to a lounge chair, aka the ‘Sun Lounger’. I’d probably also need someone to tag along and push me around the store, that or some kind of long wooden pole to propel myself down the aisles. And if I feel overwhelmed by the task at hand I can always stop somewhere brightly lit like the produce section and catch some rays, or chill out by the frozen foods.

From what I gather the Sun Lounger is probably for sale from Cumulus Studios, but their website is so designery and avant-garde that I’ve already thrown in the towel on trying to dig up any kind of useful info on how you can get one. Besides, you know, jacking a cart and hacking it to pieces yourself. Last time I checked it was only 25 cents to unlock one right?

[ Design Miami / Basel – The Outside Artist ] VIA [ designboom ]

  • Techmistry

    I really love the name of this site Oh Gizmo 😉

    great idea man!!