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Olympus Decides To Take Advantage Of The Hole Left By Flip’s Demise, Introduces The HD Video-Capable LS-20M

Olympus LS-20M (Image courtesy Pocket-lint)
By Andrew Liszewski

While Olympus certainly has a thriving digital camera division, I tend to more associate them with their high-quality PCM audio recorders. But I’m happy to see them bridging the gap between the two with their new LS-20M which captures 24 bit/96 kHz audio via a pair of stereo mics, and 1080P through an oddly placed lens located on the top edge of the unit instead of the back. Now I understand that layout allows the mics to capture the audio as optimally as possible, but I think it could make capturing video at a usable angle while monitoring the 2-inch color LCD display a little awkward.

In addition to that color display the LS-20M sports an additional 1.46-inch data-only monochrome display just below it providing info on audio levels, time cues and battery life. Connections include the standard USB port for transferring videos and HDMI for watching captures on a hi-def display, and the included 2GB memory card can be swapped out for something heftier since cards up to 32GB are supported. An optional wireless remote lets you control the LS-20M from afar if you have to prop it up somewhere remote, but I’m not sure if there’s a tripod mount on the back or if you’d need to attach an adapter of some sort. Available starting in June for $299.99.

[ PR – New Olympus LS-20M Unites High-Definition Video and PCM Audio to Capture Sights and Sounds Like Never Before ] VIA [ Pocket-lint ]

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