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Black Light iPhone Dock Bridges 1970’s Technology With Modern Toys

Black Light in Stereo iPhone Dock (Image courtesy The Sharper Image)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sharper Image you’ve done it again! Your random Mad Libs style approach to product design (An iPhone dock with a built-in _________) has led to this mashup of classic 1970’s-era lighting with modern gadgetry. Called the Black Light in Stereo this awkward 4-foot long dock has a set of stereo speakers located at each end, bridged by a long, thin black light in-between that can either be left on steady, set to pulse or even react to the music being played with a ‘Music Response’ mode. It’s of course compatible with iPods as well as the iPhone, and it’s just $149.99 for the opportunity to purposely expose yourself to increased levels of ultraviolet light while rocking out!

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