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Monthly Archives: April 2011

You Only Need To Brush Once A Day With The Misoka Toothbrush

Misoka Toothbrush (Image courtesy DigInfo TV)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ideally we should all be brushing our teeth after every meal, not just at the beginning and end of the day. But slipping away to brush at work or when we’re away from home isn’t always convenient or practical, so a Japanese company called Yumeshokunin has developed the Misoka toothbrush which they claim only needs to be used once in the morning.

So how do you avoid tooth-rot with such a lackadaisical approach to oral hygiene? Well the tips of the bristles are coated with a specially developed nanomineral coating that serves to make the surface of your teeth hydrophilic after brushing. So the saliva in your mouth tends to stick to your teeth, making it difficult for dirt and other materials to cling to their surface. As a result not only do your teeth stay clean all day, but your mouth as well reducing the bad breath typically associated with a lack of brushing.

[ DigInfo TV – isoka Toothbrush With A Nanomineral Coating ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]

Kokuyo’s X-ViZ One-Handed Designer Calculator

Kokuyo's X-ViZ One-Handed Designer Calculator (Images courtesy Kokuyo)
By Andrew Liszewski

At this point standalone calculators really only serve as decorative desk accessories, and the new X-ViZ from Kokuyo totally embodies that idea. Its sleek, slim form factor not only makes it look like a prop from a 70’s sci-fi flick, but it also allows the calculator to be used single-handedly. A methodology we’re already accustomed to thanks to cellphones and the like. Available on May 11 in black or white the X-ViZ will exclusively be available in Japan for ~$64 (¥5,250).

[ Kokuyo X-ViZ ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

More Miniature Canon Digital Camera Flash Drives

Canon Digital Camera Flash Drives (Images courtesy One Paradox)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few years ago we brought you a miniature version of a Canon 5D MkII DSLR that was actually a 4GB USB flash drive in disguise. Given it had popped up on eBay it led us to believe it was a real product, presumably given away as a promotional item at one point. Well we’ve now discovered the 5D MkII wasn’t the only camera in Canon’s lineup to get the miniaturization treatment. Tiny versions of their IXUS 200IS P&S and LEGRA HD camcorders also exist, each sporting the same pop-out USB port and 4GB of flash storage as the 5D. As to where you can get your hands on them, if any one has any clues or leads we’d love to hear ’em.

[ Behance – One Paradox – Miniature Camera Thumbdrive ] VIA [ I New Idea ]

QTVan Camper Trailer Designed For Use With Electric Scooters

QTVan Camper Trailer (Images courtesy ETA Services Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not an April Fool’s Day prank given it was posted just last week, but I’m pretty sure the QTVan trailer, which was developed by Britain’s Environmental Transport Association, is not actually available for sale. They claim they “developed the QTvan to highlight the estimated 220,000 people who use a mobility scooter without breakdown cover and face the prospect of a very long wait should they suffer a mechanical fault or their battery runs flat.” And since the ETA just happens to also sell insurance specifically designed for electric scooters, I’m pretty sure we’ve stumbled across another viral web campaign.

Which is unfortunate because the ETA website points out the many highlights and amenities of their $9,000+ (£5,500) QTVan trailer like its 19-inch LCD TV, radio, alarm clock, book shelves, full-sized single bed and kettle, making it seem like a pretty awesome place to crash if your scooter isn’t going to make it home. They also point out that it makes waiting in line for a glimpse of the royal wedding procession later this week a lot more civilized than sitting on the sidewalk on a lawn chair or in a tent.

[ QTVan Mini Camper Trailer ] VIA [ Autoblog ]

33-In-1 Telescoping Golf Club

33-In-1 Telescoping Golf Club (Images courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of dragging a full bag of golf clubs through the airport every time you travel? This cleverly designed club features a head that can be adjusted to 33 different loft angles, replacing your entire bag of equipment with just a single club.

A geared system inside the head changes its angle in 1/2-loft increments at the twist of a dial, essentially giving you a choice of 5 putters, 2 drivers, 3 fairway woods, 14 irons and 9 wedges. And since you still can’t stick a full-sized club in a plane’s overhead compartment, this one collapses to a mere 19-inches in height allowing it to be stashed inside a suitcase. $199.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

[ 33-In-1 Telescoping Golf Club ]

Barcodas App Turns Your Pantry Into A Symphony

Barcodas iOS App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

Barcodas iOS App (Images courtesy iTunes App Store) If you’re looking to do a price comparison between brick & mortar and online stores there’s a plethora of barcode scanning apps available for iOS that can help you there. But if you’re looking for a way to turn regular old barcodes into beautiful music, and I’m just going to assume the vast majority of you are, then your quest ends with a simple app called Barcodas. You’ll need a camera-equipped idevice for reading the barcodes, but once they’re ‘scanned’ in you’ll be able to hear them played back in whatever harmonic scale is most pleasing to your ears.

The results are surprisingly listenable, at least the samples they’ve chosen for the video I’ve included below are, and multiple barcodes can even be strung together to create a lengthy concerto. At the least it’s a $0.99 investment which should make your next trip to the grocery store endlessly entertaining.

[ Barcodas ] VIA [ ]

Freak Out Your Co-Workers With Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler

Organ Transplant Lunch Bag
by David Campisi

You’ve grown up. Gone are the days of toting your lunch in something representative of your favorite TV show.  Unless you work in an extremely geek-friendly environment, that old Thundercats lunchbox is just going to get you laughed at (or your food stolen, just like it did in middle school). On the other side of the spectrum, that boring brown paper sack lets everyone around you know that you’re not worth talking to.  Instead, you need something to protect your food and dignity by broadcasting an air of sophistication and importance. ThinkGeek’s Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler does just that.

The lunch cooler so closely resembles a legitimate organ transplant cooler, it’s probably best to avoid this product if you work around hospitals to avoid any disgusting mix-ups. While the insulation in this $20 lunch box probably isn’t good enough for organs, it will certainly keep your lunch cool and make you look even cooler.

[ ThinkGeek ]

Pre-Order Your iCade Now

By Chris Scott Barr

Owning an arcade cabinet is one of those dreams that most every gamer has. Unfortunately there are some major hurdles involved with owning such a thing. First, if you want one with a good game (or multiple good games) you’re going to have to shell out a few hundred bucks. Then there’s the issue of space, and weight. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to move one, but arcade machines are really heavy. Well, if you already own an iPad, you can turn it into a miniature arcade cabinet.

That’s right, you can finally head over to ThinkGeek and pre-order your very own iCade. The April Fool’s gadget from last year is going to be shipping on May 11th. The price hasn’t changed from the earlier $100, so no worries about having to pay more. What’s even better is that Atari has already released their collection of 100 classic games, so there will be no shortage of games to play when yours arrives.

[ ThinkGeek ]

Razor Scooters Now All About Vandalism And Starting Forest Fires

Razor Graffiti & eSpark Scooters (Images courtesy Razor)
By Andrew Liszewski

At the height of their popularity it wasn’t uncommon to see even business types in suits riding Razor scooters to work. And while the fad hasn’t completely passed, it’s apparent the company is now trying everything they can to keep attracting kids’ attention- particularly young vandals and pyromaniacs. Their Graffiti scooter has a patented ‘chalk scribbler’ on the back which lets the rider lay down a set of parallel chalk lines while rolling down the street. I suppose it can be a handy way for kids to find their way home if they suffer from a poor sense of direction, but let’s be frank here; it’s really just a way to make vandalism seem like fun.

But it’s their eSpark scooter that has me really concerned. Instead of pieces of chalk hanging off the back it’s got a ‘spark bar’ letting riders leave behind a trail of incendiary sparks. One trip through Yellowstone National Park on the wrong day and you’ve got a disaster on your hands. What’s even worse is that this scooter is electric powered, providing arsons with an effortless means of escape since on a single 8-hour charge it can run for about 40 minutes with a top speed of up to 10mph. $59.99 for the Graffiti, $179.99 for the eSpark.

[ Razor Graffiti & Razor eSpark Scooters ] VIA [ I New Idea ]