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HandTrux Shovels Make You Feel Like A Superhero When Cleaning Up Your Dog’s Backyard Indiscretions

HandTrux Shovels (Image courtesy UncommonGoods)
By Andrew Liszewski

The one aspect of my parent’s dog I do not enjoy is dealing with his ‘deposits’ while out for a walk. Were an Iron Man-like suit ever available for sale, I would buy one for the sole task of just picking up his number twos. In my mind I can totally justify dropping millions and millions of dollars for that reason, but for those who can’t, these HandTrux shovels are a far, far, far cheaper alternative.

Made of durable ABS plastic and designed for kids as young as 5 (pfft, whatever!) the shovels are supposed to make digging in light materials like sand, snow and mud extra fun, but with a little imagination I’m sure they can make picking up after your dog make it feel like you’re saving the world from horribly toxic materials. And at just $18 per arm, you don’t need Tony Stark-like funds to properly equip yourself.

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  • Anonymous

    I would love a pair of these in military grade for camping. The design is amazing, really feel they shot for a low market as a pooper scooper or sand castle builder though. They would make digging a firepit, latrine, or perishable waste hole a lot faster.