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duaLink Sync Cable Handles Two iOS Devices At Once

duaLink Sync Cable (Image courtesy CableJive)
By Andrew Liszewski

I suspect the good majority of people who use an iOS device have at least a couple on hand. So instead of having to queue them up, taking turns to sync with iTunes on a single cable, the duaLink from CableJive lets you connect two iOS devices to a single USB port at the same time. Thanks to a tiny, built-in custom USB hub both devices can actually sync with iTunes at the same time too, though since they’re sharing a single USB port they’re going to take about twice as long to charge. Which also means you can forget about your iPad charging at all. But for $25.95 it at least seems like a compact solution for road warriors looking to minimize their cable clutter.

[ duaLink Sync Cable ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]