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More Miniature Canon Digital Camera Flash Drives

More Miniature Canon Digital Camera Flash Drives

Canon Digital Camera Flash Drives (Images courtesy One Paradox)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few years ago we brought you a miniature version of a Canon 5D MkII DSLR that was actually a 4GB USB flash drive in disguise. Given it had popped up on eBay it led us to believe it was a real product, presumably given away as a promotional item at one point. Well we’ve now discovered the 5D MkII wasn’t the only camera in Canon’s lineup to get the miniaturization treatment. Tiny versions of their IXUS 200IS P&S and LEGRA HD camcorders also exist, each sporting the same pop-out USB port and 4GB of flash storage as the 5D. As to where you can get your hands on them, if any one has any clues or leads we’d love to hear ’em.

[ Behance – One Paradox – Miniature Camera Thumbdrive ] VIA [ I New Idea ]


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