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Kokuyo’s X-ViZ One-Handed Designer Calculator

Kokuyo’s X-ViZ One-Handed Designer Calculator

Kokuyo's X-ViZ One-Handed Designer Calculator (Images courtesy Kokuyo)
By Andrew Liszewski

At this point standalone calculators really only serve as decorative desk accessories, and the new X-ViZ from Kokuyo totally embodies that idea. Its sleek, slim form factor not only makes it look like a prop from a 70’s sci-fi flick, but it also allows the calculator to be used single-handedly. A methodology we’re already accustomed to thanks to cellphones and the like. Available on May 11 in black or white the X-ViZ will exclusively be available in Japan for ~$64 (¥5,250).

[ Kokuyo X-ViZ ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]


5 responses to “Kokuyo’s X-ViZ One-Handed Designer Calculator”

  1. — excellent idea, beautiful (minimalist) design but too pricey

  2. David Evans says:

    I remember Clive Sinclair produced a calculator with a similar key layout, the Sovereign, in 1977

  3. [PHD]Earthworm says:

    How many hands does a normal calculator take?? Usually, it only takes 1 finger for me…

  4. Ian Brooks says:

    Thought this was a Wii remote accessory at first. Maybe it’s the Wii 2 controller? Great for all those casual math games Nintendo has planned.