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Salvage Stool Will Never Be Level

Salvage Stool Will Never Be Level

Salvage Stool (Images courtesy designtree)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Salvage Stool from New Zealand’s designtree is a fantastic example of upcycling, re-purposing broken wooden chairs into someplace to sit again. But while the 3-legged design ensures it’s never going to wobble, I’m fairly pessimistic that anyone is ever going to get it perfectly level when mixing and matching chair legs. The seat is made from 100% recycled, shot-blasted aluminum with three holes for the legs which are secured with stainless steel bolts. And from what I can tell the Salvage Stool is available for sale and includes 3 pre-sized legs in random patterns and colors, but if you decide to do it yourself I suspect you’ll end up sawing your legs down to little nubs before you ever get the whole thing level.

[ Salvage Stool ] VIA [ Inhabitat ]

  • Joojooflop Belgium

    You are bizzarely pessimistic about your/our ability to saw three pieces of wood to roughtly the same length. Was there an event in woodworking class that left you traumatized?

  • Anonymous

    What a funny looking stool. I really like this stool. It looking fabulous.  It is one of the best stool design of the New Zealand’s. I am really very attract that stool design.
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