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Humidifier In A Can

Humidifier In A Can

Humidifier in a Can (Images courtesy Rakuten)
By Andrew Liszewski

[Insert random object] in a can is a staple of tacky souvenir stores, and in addition to t-shirts, boxers, and stuffed animals you can now get yourself a refreshing can of humidity thanks to this bizarre product mashup. It looks like a can of tea (which is probably something that’s far more common outside of North America) but instead of being full of disgusting leaf brew, inside there’s a ultrasonic transducer which turns liquid into an incredibly fine mist.

Since the can doesn’t use a heating element to boil water and create steam, it can be powered from a USB port (or an AC adapter) and is always cool to the touch. Its reservoir holds 140ml of water and while I have no idea how long that will last, apparently the device turns itself off after 2 hours anyways. ~$34 (¥2,800) from Rakuten.

[ Humidifier in a Can ] VIA [ Matomeno ]


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