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Toshiba’s New Battery-Powered REGZA TV

Toshiba’s New Battery-Powered REGZA TV

Toshiba Peak Shift REGZA TV (Images courtesy AV Watch)
By Andrew Liszewski

The people of Japan have already been through a lot, but with the country’s infrastructure so severely affected by the recent earthquake and following tsunami, it’s going to be a long time before things get back to normal there. One issue the citizens are having to deal with is rolling blackouts, which will probably continue for some time. So Toshiba is introducing a battery-powered 19-inch version of their REGZA LCD TVs specifically designed for the Japanese market.

Referred to as the ‘Peak Shift’ TV the remote features a similarly named button that will switch the set from using AC to its own internal rechargeable battery which is good for about 3 hours of use. It’s obviously not a heck of a lot of time, and probably won’t be long enough to keep someone entertained during a power outage, but in the event of another emergency TV broadcasts can be a vital source of information. Available in July for around $500-600.

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