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Wacom Set To Release iPad Stylus

Wacom Set To Release iPad Stylus

By Chris Scott Barr

Since the iPhone was released, there have been a number of styli released. Some good, others not so great. This whole time, I’ve wondered why Wacom hasn’t gotten into the game. I mean, when you’re easily the leading authority on drawing tablets, why not design a stylus for a touchscreen device like the iPhone, or these days, the iPad?

Well is would seem that the company has finally decided to do that very thing. Beginning in May, Wacom will be selling the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for around $30. They claim that one of the biggest selling points is that it is roughly 25% narrower than most other capacitive styli on the market. I suppose we will simply have to wait and see how it performs.

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  • + :: ON SALE

    — it's good for drawing on capacitive tablets but only if it has an high tracking accuracy, the price is a bit high for a PEN

  • Blake Mann

    it is only 10 dollars more for a bigger pen it isnt too bad

  • Albert Lewis Jr

    I’ve grown so used to finger painting with Brushes. I wonder how it will feel going back to a stylus. I’ll likely pick one of these up.