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Miele’s Futura Diamond Dishwasher Features A Beer Glass Chilling Cycle

Miele Futura Diamond Dishwasher (Images courtesy Unplggd)
By Andrew Liszewski

Dishwashers apparently aren’t just for cleaning dishes anymore. At least if Miele has their way. One of their newer models, the Futura Diamond, has a special rinse & hold cycle and because of the cold water plumbing system in Europe, it also doubles as a quick way to chill down glasses. Now while I’m not entirely sure what differentiates the European plumbing system from the American, but apparently when introduced in the United States in June the dishwasher won’t actually have that handy feature. Lame! But it might still be worth a look thanks to other new features like a 3rd level cutlery tray, extensive LED lighting and the eternal promise that pre-rinsing is not required.

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