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Moshi Moonrock Earbuds

Moshi Moonrock Earbuds

Moshi Moonrock Earbuds (Images courtesy Moshi)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t attest to how they sound, but if you’re the type who goes out of their way to carefully wrap their headphones after using them, instead of just cramming them in your pocket, Moshi’s Moonrock set will probably appeal to you. The ‘Moonrock’ monicker comes from the design of the earbuds’ included carrying case, not because they come embedded with bits of stone brought back from one of the Apollo missions. It’s made from a soft material, presumably rubber, with holes for securing each bud and a slot-accessible pocket for wrapping the cable.

The Moonrock earbuds also feature an inline remote and embedded MEMS microphone for controlling your music and placing and/or taking calls. They also include three sizes of earbuds to fit most people’s ear canals and are available directly from Moshi in black & red or white on white for just $39.95.

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