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iPad Dry Erase Board For Brainstorming Your Killer App

iPad Dry Erase Board (Images courtesy UI Stencils)
By Andrew Liszewski

A great idea usually needs to be flushed out before it becomes something you can present to the masses, ideally for profit. And for years now the most important tool used by inventors, researchers and creative types for brainstorming and idea gathering has been the white board.

So if your most recent million dollar idea happens to involve Apple’s iPad, here’s a miniature white board that lets you mock up and sketch elements of your apps UI as they’d appear on the actual device. Well hopefully the final app doesn’t end up looking like doodles made with a black or red dry erase marker, but you gotta start somewhere right? The white board also features a subtle grid marking off 20 pixel increments, and on the back is a glossary of interaction icons and what they all mean. $24.95 from UI Stencils.

[ iPad Dry Erase Board ] VIA [ smissmiss ]

  • rogerbix

    $25?!? You can do the same thing for a lot less by printing out a similar iPad template and putting it in a glass picture frame or laminating it.

  • Anabolic Steroids blog

    that’s a pretty cool idea.