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Disposable Camera With Undeveloped Photos Of Athens Could Be The Perfect Souvenir For Those Who’ve Never Been

Camera From Athens (Image courtesy UptoyouToronto)
By Andrew Liszewski

Postcards have always been the souvenir of choice for travelers who don’t trust their own photography skills. But they tend to feel overly manufactured and unnatural. So I really like this idea of sending up-and-coming artists around oft-visited cities, in this case Athens, Greece (even though the label on the camera in the product shot clearly says Paris) armed with nothing more than a disposable camera and their talents.

Once all 27 photos have been snapped the cameras are left undeveloped and put up for sale, allowing tourists, or even those wanting photos of a city they’ve never visited, to have the chance to pick up a truly original souvenir. And since there’s no setlist as to what the photographers should shoot, the photos on every camera are different making them each a unique piece of art in their own right. $45 for the ‘Athens’ version of the camera, available from UptoyouToronto.

[ Camera From Athens ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]