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Transparent Chair Is Probably Easy To Clean

Transparent Chair Is Probably Easy To Clean

Transparent Chair (Images courtesy Nendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Shrink wrap might be the bane of anyone eagerly trying to open a new purchase, but it turns out it’s also a handy material for making furniture! This Transparent Chair from Japanese design firm Nendo is made from three metal loops wrapped in polyurethane film that ends up supporting someone kind of a like a hammock. It certainly looks pretty comfortable, and creates the clever illusion of someone just floating in the air, but on the flipside given the film doesn’t breathe, it’s probably a real sweat factory on a hot Summer day. Thankfully though cleaning is probably as easy as just re-wrapping the frame in a fresh layer.

[ Nendo – Transparent Chair ] VIA [ designboom ]


5 responses to “Transparent Chair Is Probably Easy To Clean”

  1. looks really cool, unusual and comfortable… but what is it is broken? i mean if it wont handle someones weight?

  2. petermclean says:

    Don't keep your keys in your back pocket. And if you have a boney bum, you might want to reconsider this as well.

  3. hhumbert says:

    I wonder what the effect flatulence might have? A high-pitched wine, encapsulated bubble or a quick ejection?

  4. I actually designed a chair about 8 years ago that was almost identical to this. Although we used a white translucent material and had a light in it. I should have actually tried to get it made instead of just using it for a good grade.

  5. LaurelPhoenix says:

    It gives a feeling of uneasiness – how can you …trust an invisible chair? An original idea though, and an innovative use of polyurethane film – this chair has a dreamlike, “sitting-floating” quality!