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Construction Toy Concept Lets You Build Bikes And Go-Karts

Construction Toy Concept (Images courtesy Wouter Scheublin)
By Andrew Liszewski

My continued love of LEGO has me desperately hoping this Construction Toy concept by Wouter Scheublin becomes a reality some day, for the simple fact that it lets you build things you can actually ride on! Like with LEGO, the idea is to create a kit that provides enough modular pieces to build a myriad of pedal-powered creations from bicycles to go-karts. Obviously the use of nuts, bolts, gears and chains will probably ensure the kit isn’t particularly kid-friendly, but it’s not like having to learn to use tools to put it together is a bad thing either.

Construction Toy Concept (Images courtesy Wouter Scheublin)

[ Wouter Scheublin – Construction Toy ]

  • Antony Shepherd

    It's more like Meccano than Lego!