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Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset – Because Everything’s Better With Carbon Fiber

Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset (Images courtesy Bluetrek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Forget gold or platinum, the real bling these days is carbon fiber. It makes everything from high performance sports cars to even wallets seem infinitely more awesome. And now Bluetrek is capitalizing on its inherent cool factor, and other benefits, with their new Carbon Bluetooth headset.

Looking like it was mocked up with a couple of toothpicks and a mini marshmallow, the Carbon weighs in at just 5.9 grams but still manages to squeeze in all the important features one would expect to find in a moderately capable BT headset these days. Including Bluetooth 3.0 support, the ability to pair with 2 devices at once, a mechanical on/off switch (yay!), the company’s Noise Lock noise cancelling technology, simplified pairing and a 4.5 hour talk time with an on-screen battery status indicator when used with the iPhone. Available now, directly from Bluetrek, for $69.99.

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