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Korg Wavedrum Mini Turns Any Surface Into A Drum Synth

Korg Wavedrum Mini Turns Any Surface Into A Drum Synth

Korg Wavedrum Mini (Images courtesy Korg)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m a bit of a fidgety type, and from time to time I’ll find myself drumming along to random songs on random surfaces with my fingers. And thanks to Korg, even just pounding away on a table can sound like I’m skillfully playing a conga drum with their new Wavedrum Mini synth. By itself, using its pressure sensitive pad, you can sound like you’re playing a myriad of different drum types thanks to its library of 100 professionally programmed sounds which can be further enhanced with 10 different effects like delay, chorus, reverb filters and pitch-shifters.

But if pounding away on its pad just doesn’t feel natural to you, the Wavedrum Mini comes with a sensor clip which can be attached to almost any surface, like a table, your shoe, even other instruments, providing an endless source of places to drum along on. It also allows you to build up your own rhythms to play along with, up to 25 seconds in length, and on a set of 6 batteries you can expect to get about 4 hours of play time, though an AC adapter is also an option if you’re in the studio. Available sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year, pricing TBA.

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