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Not Only Are Örflögur Microchips Healthy, But Their Packaging Turns Into A Chip Bowl For Sharing

Örflögur Microchips (Image courtesy Björg í bú)
By Andrew Liszewski

Health-conscious chronic snackers will appreciate the fact that Björg í bú’s Örflögur Microchips are simply baked, dried and seasoned with sea salt instead of being fried and doused in heavy flavoring. Particularly if they happen to be from Iceland since the potatoes used are exclusively Icelandic. But what I like is the clever packaging that transforms into its own serving bowl making them easier to share with friends and doing away with having to reach deep into an oily bag. Just don’t expect to find them at your local Piggly Wiggly just yet as the Microchips are only available in Iceland at this time.

[ Björg í bú – Örflögur Microchips ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]