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JVC’s New HA-FXT90 Earbuds Feature Dual Driver Units

JVC’s New HA-FXT90 Earbuds Feature Dual Driver Units

JVC HA-FXT90 Earbuds (Image courtesy JVC)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m a bit of an earbud snob, and will probably spend more than I should on a pair with a larger set of drivers to get as much oomph and bass performance as I can squeeze out of them. So I’m really intrigued as to how JVC’s new HA-FXT90 earbuds perform since they employ a new twin driver system to ensure both the highs and the lows are equally represented without being overdriven which can lead to distortion.

Unfortunately once again due to the language barrier, and the use of flash and images which prevents translators from doing their thing, I can’t seem to dig up specific tech specs about the size of the driver units on these. But according to Akihabara News they’ll be available sometime this month for ~$117 (¥10,000) which isn’t horribly expensive if they deliver as promised.

[ JVC HA-FXT90 ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


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