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SteadyCam Pro Stabilizes Your iPhone 4 Videos In Real Time

SteadyCam Pro Stabilizes Your iPhone 4 Videos In Real Time

By Chris Scott Barr

How many times have you shot a video with your iPhone, only to find out later that it is too shaky to really enjoy? Obviously you’re not going to be able to carry around some sort of steadycam rig, so the next best thing you can do is use some sort of image-stabilization software. You can find this sort of thing in newer desktop video editing programs, but what about doing it while the video is being recorded? If you have an iPhone 4, you might just be able to do that.

The Steadycam Pro app is supposed to allow you to shoot videos while it smooths it out on-the-fly. It’s even supposed to take care of rolling shutter issues that your phone’s camera experiences. A demo of the app is free to download, though it will limit you to 15-second clips that are watermarked. I’ve not had a chance to test it out myself, but according to iTunes, it seems to have mixed results. Definitely try  this one out before you spend the $3 to unlock the full version.

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One response to “SteadyCam Pro Stabilizes Your iPhone 4 Videos In Real Time”

  1. Or you can use the deshaker filter for virtual dub. Definitely not as easy as this though.