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monoDO Voice Controlled USB Fan From Synnex

monoDO Voice Controlled USB Fan From Synnex

monoDO USB Fan (Image courtesy Synnex)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since Google Translate isn’t able to do anything with images containing Japanese characters (or yet at least) I’m going to have to rely on the experts at Akihabara News who came across this USB powered desktop fan from Synnex.

At just 5 inches in diameter it won’t demand too much desk space, and since it relies on power from one of your PC’s USB ports, it won’t take up an outlet on the already crowded power bar at your feet. Besides keeping you cool, the monoDO will even listen to your voice commands, turning on and off at your beckoning. A skill your cubicle neighbor who keeps blaring local talk radio will never learn. Available in black and white for ~$35 (¥2,980).

[ Synnex monoDO USB Fan ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


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