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Creepy Limbless LEGO Water Bottles

Creepy Limbless LEGO Water Bottles

LEGO Water Bottles (Image courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

LEGO minifigs not wearing hats, helmets or little plastic toupees are creepy enough, but these 400ml LEGO minifig plastic water bottles take it to the next level. Lacking arms, legs and all manner of appendages, they might be easy to clean thanks to a removable bottom, but that small convenience won’t help you while they’re inevitably haunting your dreams. ~$16 from Firebox. (P.S. LEGO, you charge like $25 for a set that includes 10 bricks these days, I’m pretty sure you can cut back on the cheesy product licensing without going into Chapter 11.)

[ LEGO Drinking Bottle ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]


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