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Nexus Makes Computer Mice That Are Silent

By David Ponce

Your computer mouse probably makes a clicking sound… every time you click. A Dutch company called Nexus has patented a mechanism that removes the sound. So what you have is a silent mouse. They figure you don’t really need the auditory confirmation that you’ve clicked, since you can see (on your computer screen) that you’ve done so. There’s a small one called the sm7000, meant for traveling. And now there’s a large 5-button sibling, called the sm8000. All 5 buttons are silent.

Uses for a silent mouse?

– Late night gaming.
– Late night… fapping.
– That’s it, really…

They’re $30 each and if you hit the jump, you can watch a video of the mouse not making any sound. And the links.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]