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Livening Up Breakfast With This At-Home Beer Brewing System

Livening Up Breakfast With This At-Home Beer Brewing System

By David Ponce

It’s a well known fact that cereals are better for you in liquid form: cold and carbonated. The traditional way of consuming this breakfast of champions has inevitably started with a reluctant trip to the local Seven11 for a six-pack of whatever’s cheaper. Right? Well, no more. Drop a cool $1,900 and you’ll be able to make your own swill fine malt liquor in the comfort of your home. Sure, this system from Synergy Brewing Systems looks like three simple stainless steel cooking pots, welded to a metal cart with dials and tubes sticking out. But there’s a lot more going on.

The basic Brewing Stands house two 155,000 BTU propane burners, with separate needle valve controls, plumbed into one 20 PSI high pressure regulator for quick heat and great fuel efficiency. All Kettles, pipe nipples, ball valves, false bottoms, strainers, hose barbs and thermometers are type 316 or 304 Stainless Steel. All brewing stands and kettles are completely, professionally TIG welded and refinished to perfection. We do not use, or condone the act of using weldless fittings. The 15 and 26 Gallon brewing stands are made with 1″ square Type 304 brush polished Stainless Steel tubing. The 40 gallon stand is constructed of 1.5″ square Type 304 brush polished Stainless Steel tubing…

40 gallons? Yeah, one of the options. And there are TONS of options. As it turns out that $1,900 tag is for the very basic kit and as you can imagine, it goes way, way up from there. Still, if you’re serious about brewing your own beer, this looks like a great place to start.

[ Synergy Complete Brew System ] VIA [ Geekologie ]


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