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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Reflective Gloves And Socks For Cyclists

Reflective Gloves And Socks (Images courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Riding a bike in a big city during the day is dangerous enough, but when the sun goes down at night you better make sure you’re as visible as possible to motorists who are already pretty annoyed at having to share the road with you. And while you probably shouldn’t exclusively rely on these to make yourself stand out while riding, SUCK UK’s reflective gloves and socks are a good start.

The socks feature a reflective patch on the pack that becomes visible once you’ve tucked your pant legs into them, while the gloves, which seem a bit more useful to me, feature a reflective arrow on the back making your hand signals extra visible to vehicular traffic behind you. Both are available in a one-size-fits-all unisex design, with each pair costing ~$24 (£15) which is a small price to pay for a bit of extra safety.

[ Reflective Biker Gloves And Socks ]

CleverWraps Disposable Gadget Cases

CleverWraps (Images courtesy CleverWraps)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first glance CleverWraps is the kind of product that seems completely unnecessary. I mean who wants to spend money on a disposable plastic bag for your phone or tablet when you can pick up a reusable case instead for just a few bucks more? But being disposable is the CleverWraps biggest strength.

A run-of-the-mill case might protect it from daily wear and tear, but with something like the iPad that’s become a handy kitchen accessory, you’ll be paying quite a bit of money for a high-end case that’s able to stop liquids from getting to your $500+ cookbook in the event of a spill. But the CleverWraps sleeves, for the iPad at least, cost around $5 a pop, and pretty much guarantee a toppled bottle of olive oil isn’t going to incapacitate your toy thanks to an interlocking Ziploc-like seal and a fold-over adhesive flap. And if that does happen, cleanup is as easy as removing your iPad from the plastic sleeve and tossing it. (The sleeve that is.)

The CleverWraps are also available in custom sizes for cellphones (5 for $9.99) whether it’s a bar, sliding or flip model, as well ebook readers (3 for $14.99) for keeping them sand, pina colada and suntan lotion-free while on vacation.

[ CleverWraps ]

Speck CandyShell Card Holds Cards So You Can Ditch Your Wallet

By Chris Scott Barr

I’m a simple person, who likes to get the most bang for my buck. This is why when I purchase a gadget, or even an accessory for one, I like to to serve more than one function. For instance, if an iPhone case doesn’t do more than look nice while protecting my phone, I’m likely not going to drop any money on it. However, if it can replace my wallet, I’m sold.

This CandyShell Card case from Speck not only looks stylish, but is going to hold three credit-card sized cards. This means that I can take my debit card, ID, and another card, while leaving my wallet at home. It’s not the first case to hold cards like this, but it does look a bit nicer than the others I’ve seen. For $40, it’s a good way to reduce the number of things in your pockets.

[ Speck ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

$70 Klhip Ultimate Nail Clipper Now Available

Klhip Ultimate Nail Clipper (Images courtesy Klhip)
By Andrew Liszewski

I find it hard to justify the cost of even the cheapest of nail clippers when I have a set of perfectly good teeth always available, but for some reason I find myself drawn to the Klhip with its high-tech looking “falling rate cam” design which puts the pressure directly over the nail. The matte finish surgical-grade stainless steel looks pretty futuristic too, and apparently the use of a single cutting blade results in cleaner nail cuts that don’t even need to be filed afterwards. It even comes with a lifetime warranty which normally I would consider above and beyond the call of duty, except for the fact that the Klhip will set you back $70, or $95 if you opt for the fancy leather carrying case.

[ Klhip Ultimate Nail Clipper ]

Squizits Kit Will Keep Your Fingers Occupied

Squizits Kit (Images courtesy Lavinia Chu)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by Lavinia Chu for children dealing with OCD or ADHD, the Squizits kit is a box full of 8 unique ‘fidgets’ that can be discreetly and quietly played with in hand, providing an outlet for extra energy or fidgety behavior. They include everything from spinning wheels to quiet zippers to knots, beads, elastics, hinges and plugs, and can be attached anywhere thanks to elastic straps on the back of each piece, and an included bulldog clip. (Which can be just as fun to fidget with.) Of course while designed for children, I’m sure the kit will appeal to adults as well looking for a release at work or just a way to get through a particularly long meeting.

[ Yanko Design – Squizits ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

Samsung Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset

Samsung Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset (Images courtesy Pocket-Lint)
By Andrew Liszewski

No matter what you’ve told or tried to convince yourself, I’m afraid that no one walking around with a Bluetooth headset in their ear looks cool. But we all suck it up for the sake of convenience, because as cellphones have gotten smarter, they’ve also gotten bigger and heavier to hold. So I’m going to assume that’s what Samsung realized when they created this slim stick type Bluetooth headset that almost looks like a fancy fountain pen when carried in a jacket pocket.

Pocket-lint had a chance to play with a prototype recently, which as far as I can tell has the exact same functionality as a Bluetooth headset, except that it doesn’t hang off your ear. When a call comes in you hold and use the slim stick like the more svelte and lighter cellphones of yesteryear. It also means it’s pretty much useless when driving, and believe it or not, doesn’t even include a pen. But given its size there’s probably a pretty hefty battery in there, which should appeal to heavy and/or image conscious talkers.

[ Pocket-lint – Samsung Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset hands-on ]

O King Portable Document Scanner Makes It Easy To Copy Magazines From Waiting Rooms

O King Scanner (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Kleptodeadmedia is a condition I just made up that refers to people who feel compelled to steal copies of year-old magazines like Newsweek or Good Housekeeping from doctor and dentist waiting rooms. I haven’t made up a cure yet though, so if you feel like you suffer from said condition this portable O King document scanner from Brando is a step in the right direction. Instead of slipping the magazine into your purse, briefcase or down your pants, you simply have to discreetly unfold and set up the camera arm and then snap away, page-by-page, until the whole thing is captured digitally.

It even comes with a travel case that unfolds to double as a positioning map so you can ensure your document is always properly framed by the camera. The downsides though? Since it’s USB powered and lacks any onboard storage it can only be used when tethered to a laptop or PC, the camera has a pretty crappy resolution of just 1600×1200 and technically, if used to capture copyrighted material, you’re still breaking the law. Baby steps though… baby steps. $120 from

[ O King Scanner ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Gunbrella Looks Like Something Out Of The ACME Catalog

Gunbrella (Images courtesy Gunbrella)
By Andrew Liszewski

What I like best about this Gunbrella is that there’s no doubt it was designed for novelty purposes. Unlike those Samurai sword handle umbrellas that have become popular as of late, which still look a little sketchy to me. The solid wood handle has a vague gun stock shape to it, but other than that, most people wouldn’t give it a second look until you pop open the canopy revealing a whimsical, explosive ‘BANG’ graphic on it. I mean there’s even a slight chance airport security wouldn’t even bat an eye at it…. maybe… and at the moment it’s on sale for ~$18 (£10.99).

[ Gunbrella ]

Edible Candy Pens Make It Ok To Chew On Them

Edible Pens (Images courtesy Dave Hakkens)
By Andrew Liszewski

Personally I don’t see the problem with chewing on one’s pen. It can provide a useful distraction when enduring long meetings, and it pretty much guarantees no one will ever ask to borrow it if you’ve done a good enough job gnawing it down. There is one downside though, they tend to taste awful, which is a problem design student Dave Hakkens has solved with his Edible Pen. He originally set out to create a chewable pen that wouldn’t get dirty, but he realized that 90% of a pen is discarded once the ink’s run out, so instead he set upon the task of making one that was almost completely edible.

Edible Pens (Image courtesy Dave Hakkens)

The fruits (and peppermints) of his labor is the design pictured above which is broken up into bite-sized segments that have roughly the same texture and consistency as a candy necklace. It also won’t melt in your hands which is kind of important, and since it even uses edible inks, in the end the only thing you’ll have left to discard is the pen tip. Sadly the Edible Pens only exist as prototypes at this point, but I hope Bic is listening as a blue raspberry version of their classic ballpoint pen sounds pretty tasty to me.

[ Dave Hakkens – Edible Pen ] VIA [ Good ]